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Saturday, November 2, 2013

You can do it! Organize your Halloween decorations!

If you're like me, you've waited until today to take down your Halloween decorations. It is always so fun putting them up but taking them down is a different story. But, you can make it a little easier. I am a BIG fan of organized spaces. I love to organize our refrigerator, our pantry and when I'm stressed out I'll tackle random drawers and closets. Organizing always makes me feel so much better! I should probably make it a side job. Anyway, if you have a dedicated space where you store all of your holiday decorations-take today to organize them. By that I mean color code the boxes- put Halloween decor in these:

And while you are out go ahead and buy red and green ones so after Christmas you can keep the organization going-and don't worry, Target already has them!

Another easy fix is buying a few of these wire shelves from Target (only $12) and sticking them on blank walls in any  closets you may have.

 and using these with them:

All of the above photos and products are from Target-but if you want to get a little crazy with it, I found a few more great ideas

a costume storage box!

I found this image online but can't find the original source but found something similar here.

Hanging your costumes in one of these would be awesome-You would't have to worry about wrinkles etc- And access would be much easier in case you feel the urge to pull out your monster costume another time of the year.

container store

Have fun putting your decorations up!

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