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Monday, October 28, 2013

Peppa Pig Birthday

Before I ever had the opportunity to design an interior space, I was designing parties. I helped design parties in high school, for my sorority in college, and I look forward to designing my daughters' birthday parties each year. Though it isn't exactly interior design, party design can be really great practice for designing a more permanent, interior space. You get to experiment with color, themes, and materials. Designing a party requires all the planning, coordinating and visualizing it takes to design a room. Plus, you get to go a little nuts! I am quite certain I will never find a client who will let me design a room in a cartoon-pig motif (but if you are out there, give me a call!)

My oldest, Mary Jennings, is obsessed with the british cartoon Peppa Pig. When it was time to plan her 3rd birthday there were no questions as to what the them would be. We watch Peppa everyday-and I actually enjoy it too. The characters make me so happy. Fortunately for me, Peppa party supplies are hard to come by in the states, so I got to really put my own spin on this party for MJ, and create a totally unique experience for her and our guests. Please enjoy!

It all started with our Peppa invite from Grammarcy. Lindsey is the best -shes super talented and can do anything and everything!

I bought two large pieces of foam core board and started painting away for the backdrop. 

 All of the popcorn boxes, tags etc I bought off Etsy from Sugar Tree Press. They were so easy to work everything turned out super cute!

The Ferris Wheel and a few other decorations were from Meri Meri. My husband and I were really impressed with the quality and pricing. 

The little doll house is from Target

I bought red lanterns from Party City and just hot glued stems and leaves to make them apples. If you watch Peppa-she lives near apple orchards.

I made the banner myself out of card stock- I used to do a lot of children's paintings before I started interior design-which I still love to do-So if you are interested please email me!

 I worked with Jill McMullen from Dreams and Buttercream to create the Peppa Cake. Isn't her work incredible?!

Jill made the cupcakes and the toppers are from Sugar Tree Press.

Cookies (also made by Jill)

The colorful baskets are from Target and so are the "raindrops".

Peppas favorite activity is jumping in muddy puddles and looking for wiggly worms. I made brownies and kind of squished them in jars with sprinkles and candy worms and ordered mini umbrellas off of Amazon.

The cute pink umbrellas also came from Amazon.

Peppas friends- Suzy Sheep, Zoey Zebra, Pedro Pony, Emily Elephant, Richard Rabbit and Danny Dog were drawn and painted by me. My wonderful husband spent long hours cutting them out with an X-Acto knife and attaching stakes to them so they would stand up.

We bought this Polaroid-like camera from Urban Outfitters and also the fun film with colors that matched the party decor.

I spent a lot of time on this photo booth. My original plan was to paint the entire thing-but with a 1 and 3 year old who were so eager to help (mess it up) I just didn't have time. So I ended up finishing it off with card stock.

Tablecloths, glitter boxes and party hats all from Target-I just ordered stickers from Sugar Tree Press to attach. Save a lot of $$.

I think she was a happy little girl!

Until the "real" Peppa Pig showed up. Turns out you shouldn't have a mascot at a three year old birthday party-They all screamed and ran! Also-let me know if you are interested in buying this Peppa costume! :)


  1. It was such a lovely (and fun!) party!

  2. SO cute ! Im about to have one this week to. My daughters 1st day !

  3. So cute! Planning my daughter's third party soon! May I ask what you painted Peppa's friends on?

  4. Soo cute how much for the peppa costume

  5. Where did you buy the Pig nose???


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