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Monday, January 6, 2014

Foyer Wallpaper

Happy New Year!

I took a long break and spent some much needed time with my girls ( and husband) over the holidays. But now it's time to get back into the swing of things. It's been about six months since I've had the itch to do something new in my own home and thought I would share some of the projects I am working on. If you follow me on Instagram you know I am having a hard time deciding on my foyer wallpaper. Before we moved in I knew I would use Nina Campbell's Paradiso. It has all the colors that bring the front of my home together. It is so beautiful but now that the rooms on each side of my foyer are so heavy (in color) I'm having second thoughts. It is much easier for me to decorate others homes. When it comes to my own, I am wanting to change things all of the time! So here are the wallpapers we have narrowed it down to:

Also- I wish I could just put at the top of this blog a disclaimer that reads "I know a lot of the phone pictures I post are terrible quality. I do not think they look good." But with a baby on my leg and another about to fall down the stairs in her princess high heels I take a lot of these pictures as quickly as possible. So back to the foyer- I love this Michele Armas painting which is on the wall to the right. I don't want to take away from it because its the star of the foyer.

Don't you love how the pink play kitchen matches my Madeline Weinrib rug? Just kidding. But I kind of do.

And the living room on the left-which over the holidays and most days really, becomes a catch-all room for client purchases, Craigslist finds etc. So it looks like a hot mess full of pretty things, but too many pretty things. And some ugly things. 

 And the dining room on the left:
Which if you look at my other home photos you will see its much brighter than this silly phone snapshot.

And my cute little Nancy B Westfall art by the front door:

So here are a few closeups so you can see the real deal:

So tell me, which one would you pick?


  1. I was drawn to the third one (even in the phone shot) but I originally thought it had gold tones but now think maybe silvery? Regardless, it would be the perfect shot of glamour behind your great art pieces, it has a modern feel, and it's a great neutral no matter what is on the walls, floor, ceiling. My two cents!

  2. I pick the 4th or 5th ones. Not a fan of the hearts on 2nd or 3rd ones. Love the colors you are using with the wall paper.

  3. Have you thought about stenciling your walls.Because you hall is narrow,
    I would do a simple trellis to make it appear wider, the affect of coming and
    going. Say gray walls and a white trellis. Check out stencils sold on etsy and
    on Cutting Edge Stencils and the blog Beneath My Heart were she stencils her
    bath with a trellis.

  4. Love the peacock paper! Gorgeous plus a real statement.

  5. I vote Paradiso. Go bold or go home! I know whatever you choose, it will be amazing. You have impeccable taste, so trust yourself. Even in your own home. Isn't that the hardest thing to do?

  6. Thanks everyone! AMarsGA it is between your favorite and the peacock. Just can't decide! Margaret-I def will look into the stencils. What a great idea. House of Pemberley-Thank you :)


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