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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

before and after

BEFORE AND AFTERS are so much fun, aren't they?  Installation days are my favorite part of any project.  It's so fun to see a room transform, and watch my vision finally come together.  My clients were a (relatively) newlywed couple.  She moved into his bachelor pad.  It is a really great space, but much of the decor was a holdover from when her husband lived there with "the fellas."  After a year of marriage she couldn't stand it anymore. She said it perfectly when she told me it just needed a "lady's touch."  For her, that meant color and pattern, not necessarily pink and lace.  Her husband was all for it!  Did I mention she's pregnant?  We all get away with a little more, when we are pregnant, don't we? The only thing he asked to keep were his couches-so we worked around those. In the end, we also ended up keeping their pre-existing end tables and lamps as well.  Though I certainly think we made the space a bit more feminine, he was happy too.  The blues, greens, and yellows kept the palette masculine enough so that he didn't feel he had completely lost "his" home.  Here you go!
living area before and after
mantel before and after

back wall before and after

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